2016 Programme

UK Broker Summit | 3 & 4 March 2016 | Growing the broker elite

Our exclusive invite only event gathered together the most influential people in the insurance broking community. This year, against the beautiful five star backdrop of the Four Seasons, we were joined by inspirational keynote speakers. Delegates also participated in industry changing boardroom sessions that helped define the focus for 2016 and beyond.

This years exciting two day event schedule is outlined below.





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Editor's Welcome

emmanuell-kenning    Emmanuel Kenning, editor, Insurance Age

Keynote: Insights into the current political and economic climate

As well as giving an insider's take on the political landscape, our keynote speaker talks with authority on managing change, social responsibility and the benefits of diversity. Spending a lifetime in politics has given him an excellent grounding to address you with his view on life and politics today and how he sees the world changing.

david-blunkett    The Rt Hon the Lord Blunkett of Brightside and Hillsborough

Panel: Regulation time

As the implementation of The Insurance Act - one of the biggest shifts in the legal landscape since 1906 - looms into view, we look at the consequences as well as the wider regulatory matters brokers can expect to face in 2016:

  • Fair disclosure: Does this leave brokers stuck between client and insurer?
  • Delegated authority: Working together to meet customer expectations and add value to every part of the distribution chain.
  • Increasing regulation on smaller brokers: Will this perpetuate the wave of mergers and acquisitions we are currently witnessing?

philippa-handyside-photo-black-and-white    Philippa Handyside, general counsel, ABI

bruce-hepburn    Bruce Hepburn, CE, Mactavish

david-hertzell-master    David Hertzell, former law commissioner and senior adviser, Mactavish

steve-white-photo-b-w    Steve White, CEO, BIBA

emmanuell-kenning    Chair: Emmanuel Kenning, editor, Insurance Age


Coffee & Networking  

First interactive focus group
(delegates will attend three of the following)
Insurance brokers professional indemnity and other things to keep you awake at night: - Click to view details

Brokers tell their clients that claims do happen and they should buy the right insurance. How many brokers take their own advice and look at their business from an E&O perspective? This surgery dissects real claims scenarios that cover key issues that brokers face.

  • What do you do as a business when an insurer behaves badly over a claim?
  • What do you see as the biggest E&O danger to your business and what can you do about it?
  • Do you factor the risks you are exposed to, in the way you manage your business?

charles-manchester-photo    Charles Manchester, CEO, Manchester Underwriting
richard-webb-photo    Richard Webb, director, Manchester Underwriting

Claims and customer service: - Click to view details

Claims service is vital when it comes to retaining your clients and standing out from the competition.

  • How Covéa Insurance has transformed its claims offering and how we can work collaboratively with you to exceed customer expectations.
  • Building a better understanding of what our customers want and need from their claims provider 
  • An exploration of how we can maintain the human touch in a digital age
  • Our thoughts on future innovations in claims

    Key takeaway: An in-depth look into our current claims initiatives; how they benefit you and your customers as well as a preview of future initiatives we're developing that respond to customers' needs

simon-cooter-photo-black-and-white    Simon Cooter, commercial lines & high net worth director, Covea
gary-simmons-photo-blacka-nd-white    Garry Simmons, head of HNW & commercial claims, Covea

Maximising the benefits of broker technology: - Click to view details

Technology has taken over the world but our industry is still lagging behind many others when it comes to embracing the newest tools.

  • What is your current perception of etrade and how would you improve your experience?
  • What can commercial lines learn from personal lines when it comes to using online channels?
  • Cost effective solutions to overhaul challenging legacy systems.
  • How can you utilise technology to ease the consolidation process?
  • What more could the broker software market do for you and your business?

Key take away: Increase efficiency by expanding your use of etrade.

theo-duchen-photo    Theo Duchen, CO-CEO, Acturis
jeff-mccracken-photo    Jeff McCracken, sales & marketing director, Acturis

Key opportunities for future growth in the broker market: - Click to view details

Whilst there can be a temptation to focus on delivering business outcomes in the here and now, it is of vital strategic importance that insurers and brokers alike consider what the catalysts for future growth are likely to be. Looking at some key personal lines innovations and their links to legislative change, we consider the implications for the future of the commercial lines broker market.

  • Telematics
  • Real time pricing
  • Data enrichment

justin-clarke-photo    Justin Clarke, director of underwriting and pricing, NIG

steve-scott-photo    Steve Scott, director of broker markets, NIG

Get ourselves connected – to customers of the future: - Click to view details

The distribution landscape is changing and technology, flexibility, mobility and choice are becoming more important – how do we work together to turn this from a threat to an opportunity?

  • With more people needing to insure what they use rather than what they have, how can we adapt to this?
  • What could a more personalised service look like for personal and commercial lines clients?
  • How do we work together? What do you need from insurers to help you adapt to these changes?

francois-xavier-boisseau-ceo-ageas-insurance-broker-summit    Francois-Xavier Boisseau, CEO, Ageas

chris-dobson-photo    Chris Dobson, distribution and development director, Ageas

Building customer trust: - Click to view details

We all know that our beloved industry suffers with undeserved bad press. Consumer perceptions simply don't line up with the statistics, so let's tackle this issue head on!

  • Consumer perceptions: How can we convey the true value a broker can offer to the general public and take the emphasis away from price?
  • Professional perceptions: How can we attract new talent into an industry no one ever plans to join?
  • Media perceptions: Can we work more collaboratively as an industry to improve the press coverage we receive?

alasdair-stewart-photo    Alasdair Stewart, marketing and communications director, AXA
jon-walker-pic    Jon Walker, managing director of the commercial lines intermediary business, AXA


Lunch & Networking

Second interactive focus group


Coffee & Networking

Third interactive focus group


Room Check in & use of Four Seasons Grounds and Spa


Drinks reception


Editor's dinner sponsored by Canopius

After dinner speaker

probyn-jeff    Jeff Probyn, former England Rugby World Cup player






Opening Keynote: A tale of exploration and adventure

Monty has been leading diverse teams in some of the most demanding environments on earth for over two decades. Drawing on his experiences as a Royal Marines Officer, working for Nelson Mandela during the peace process in South Africa, and subsequently as an expedition leader and wildlife film maker, his talk examines human performance under stress - as leaders, as teams, and as individuals. Monty is also working on a major national initiative to introduce leadership training to all young people going through the education system in the UK - a project aiming create our next generation of leaders. His talk describes this initiative, and conveys the importance of leadership at every level of any organisation, as well as from one generation to the next.

monty-halls-dog    Monty Halls, former Royal Marines Officer, broadcaster and leadership specialist

Ask the experts: Improving customer experience and building brand loyalty

We all know that our beloved industry suffers with undeserved bad press. Consumer perceptions simply don't line up with the statistics, so let's ask the experts and tackle this issue head on!

  • Interactive Q&A gives you the chance to ask our panel share their thoughts on any issue, great or small.
  • Together we will digest the dilemmas raised and distil the discussion into a tangible strategy.
  • Variety is the spice of life, learn from a range of experts.

john-brady-photo    John Brady, head of insurance & banking, John Lewis Financial Services

cameron-shearer-digital-risks    Cameron Shearer, CEO, Digital Risks

james-york-photo-web    James York, innovator-at-large, Worry+Peace

jonathan-swift-photo-black-and-white-web    Chair: Jonathan Swift, director of content, Insurance Age

Editor's closing comments 

emmanuell-kenning    Chair: Emmanuel Kenning, editor, Insurance Age


End of conference

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