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Editor's Welcome 

Sian Barton, Editor, Insurance Age


Opening Keynote Address: Brexit and the State of the Economy 

Explore the macro and micro economic trends both in the UK and Europe, determine the impacts these will have specifically on your broking industry. Discover how you can best prepare for the forecasted changes to your market.

Vicky Pryce, Economist, Centre for Economics and Business Research  


The Changing Landscape of Regulation and the Impact on your Industry 

With the change in political landscape, understand how the developments in regulation can impact your company and how you can better prepare yourself for the forthcoming year. 

Jonathan Davidson, Director of Supervision - Retail and Authorisations, FCA


Coffee and Networking 


First Interactive Focus Group

A detailed exploration of the key topics stirring conversation in our sector, enabling you to question insurers about the policies affecting your customers.

Delegates will attend three of the following sessions:


A) Brokers E&O – Learning from Mistakes

  • Learn from previous experience how brokers are exposed to different claims and different risk, and how you can identify such issues before it becomes a claim.
  • Discuss the common features of claims made against brokers and understand how to identify them before they become an issue.
  • Finding the solution: How can you avoid this happening to you, and making your personnel aware of the implications of claims made against the company.

Richard Webb, Director, Manchester Underwriting Management 

Pat Wood, Joint Managing Director- Casualty Division, Manchester Underwriting Management 


B) Keeping up with the Mobile Generation – How do you adapt to the changing communication habits of your customers?

  • Understand the options of Mobile Technology – Native Apps Vs Responsive design – Maximising reach and value
  • Take a look at trends for Native Apps. Are customers looking for Sales or Service?
  • An overview of Mobile Habits – Device preference, Commercial vs Private clients
  • InsurTech Generation – I’ve got an App for that, How do you comply?

Jeff McCracken, Sales and marketing Director, Acturis 

Theo Duchen, Co-CEO, Acturis 

C) Driving trust in the profession together

  • Understanding current public views of our market through the Public Trust Index, and how we can further client centricity
  • Learning how building trust is incorporate with the Chartered standard, and how we can further serve society
  • Solving the biggest challenge of our sector, how we can attract and retain new talent, with the changing reputation of our profession, such as through Aspire Apprenticeships

Sandra McDonald, Development Manager, Chartered Insurance Institute

 Steve Jenkins, Development Director, Chartered Insurance Institute 

D) New and Emerging Policies 

  • Understand the latest developments in insurer policies and what your clients will be looking for in 2019.
  • Learn about the developments within the Cyber insurance sector for commercial and personal insurance broking. 
  • Get-a-head of the game and learn about the areas that insurers are capitalising on in new and emerging markets.


E) AI and the Intelligent Broker

  • Understand how augmented processes don't necessarily replace the human workforce, but allow you to interact with your clients more effectively. 
  • The combined use of AI and human ingenuity allows brokers to solve complex challenges, develop new products and services, while allowing your company to break into new markets.
  • Understand how AI can help your colleagues use their data more effectively to understand your clients better.

F) Merger and Acquisition 

  • Developing into new and different distribution markets many companies look to acquire MGAs to discover these new ventures. Learn when the right time is to develop your portfolio.
  • Understand what deal best suits your situation and how you can make the most out of your business proposition.
  • How to ensure that cultures fit, and all parties feel part of a growing and happy business?


G) The Changing Face of Regulation 

  • Understand how you can provide an updated business policy that summaries both commercial clients and new insurance product information for private clients.
  • Learn how you give your workers the 15 hours of training a year to ensure that they meet the new requirement to sell insurance.
  • How the impact of the Insurance Act really been felt across the industry.


Lunch & Networking 


Second Interactive Focus Group


Coffee & Networking 


Third Interactive Focus Group


Room Check in and use of South Lodge Grounds 


Drink Reception  



Guest Speaker 










Jonathan Swift, Director of Content, Insurance Age 


Brokers: Winners or Losers in the Transformation of Insurance?

  • The impact of the digital revolution on the insurance market
  • What’s real and what’s hype?
  • With insurers, reinsurers, and InsurTech MGAs and all jostling for position, how should brokers position themselves?

Andrew Rear, Chief Executive, Digital Partners, Munich Re


Closing Keynote Address

Sir Geoff Hurst MBE, World Club Winning Former Footballer, Alzheimer’s Society Supporter


Editor's Closing Comments 

Sian Barton, Editor, Insurance Age 


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