Business Programme 

UK Broker Summit

7th- 8th March 2019

South Lodge Hotel





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Editor's Welcome 

Sian Barton, Editor, Insurance Age 


Opening Keynote Address: Brexit and the State of the Economy 

  Vicky Pryce, Economist, CEBR  


Understanding the regulatory impact on your business 

With the change in political landscape, understand how the developments in regulation can impact your company and how you can better prepare yourself for the forthcoming year. 

Jonathan Davidson,  Director of Supervision - Retail and Authorisations, FCA


Coffee and Networking 


First Interactive Focus Group

A detailed exploration of the key topics stirring conversation in our sector, enabling you to question insurers about the policies affecting your customers.

Delegates will attend three of the following sessions:


A) Big Data 

  • Understand how Big Data can allow you to track the status of applications, manage compensation and commissions, while monitoring the progression of business goals.
  • Learn how data can help you better utilise your pricing to create a competitive price for your clients.
  • Enhancing existing business models, data analytics can radically redefine roles by giving you the ability to integrate data-driven decisions such as cross-selling and increasing customer interaction.


B) Understand your clients to produce the best Schemes for them 

  • Learn how a tailored insurance solution can improve your relationship with your clients whilst also giving your employees the opportunities to develop an in depth knowledge about the risk portfolios of your customers.
  • Understand the scheme's ecosystem, what role the customer, broker and insurer have when working on such a project.
  • Learn how to identify new and emerging schemes by understanding your customer's regulatory needs. 


C) AI and the intelligent Broker

  • Understand how augmented processes don't necessarily replace the human workforce, but allow you to interact with your clients more effectively. 
  • The combined use of AI and human ingenuity allows brokers to solve complex challenges, develop new products and services, while allowing your company to break into new markets.
  • Understand how AI can help your colleagues use their data more effectively to understand your clients better.


D) New and Emerging Policies 

  • Understand the latest developments in insurer policies and what your clients will be looking for in 2019.
  • Learn about the developments within Cyber insurance sector for commercial and personal insurance broking. 
  • Get-a-head of the game and learn about the areas that insurers are capitalising on in new and emerging markets.


E) Developing with a 300 year old insurer

  • Understand how PPl can help you create better risk profiles, allowing you to spend more time understanding your customer.
  • Learn how the electronic placement mandate affect how you interact with Lloyd's of London and how you can adapt your business to ensure you move with the leading Markets. 
  • Understand how Lloyd's of London intend to use technology to help you and your company to get more out of the syndicate.


F) Merger and Acquisition 

  • Developing into new and different distribution markets many companies look to acquire MGAs to discover these new ventures. Learn when the right time is to develop your portfolio.
  • Understand what deal best suits your situation and how you can make the most out of your business proposition.
  • How to ensure that cultures fit, and all parties feel part of a growing and happy business?


G) The changing face of regulation 

  • Understand how you can provide an updated business policy that summaries both commercial clients and new insurance product information for private clients.
  • Learn how you give your workers the 15 hours of training a year to ensure that they meet the new requirement to sell insurance.
  • How the impact of the Insurance Act really been felt across the industry?


Lunch & Networking 


Second Interactive Focus Group


Coffee & Networking 


Third Interactive Focus Group


Room Check in and use of South Lodge Grounds 


Drink Reception  





UK Broker Summit

7th- 8th March 2019

Lodge Hotel







Jonathan Swift, Director of Content, Insurance Age 


 Session to be announced 


Closing Keynote Address

Speaker to be announced 


Editor's Closing Comments 

Sian Barton, Editor, Insurance Age 


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